Voyage dans lhistoire : lhistoire dun voyage (French Edition)

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  1. ISBN 13: 9780282636043
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  3. Jean De Lery, Histoire d'un voyage faict en la terre du Brésil - Persée

Difficile de choisir! Un classement totalement subjectif, certainement pas….

ISBN 13: 9780282636043

On y…. Ce serait trop fastoche avouons-le. Dans le Tennessee on est fier de ses valeurs et de son art de vivre. Voici pourquoi il faut absolument visiter San Antonio. Est-ce que vous allez bien? Au bord….

Abyssinie Swing, images de la musique éthiopienne moderne

La route de Hana a bien failli nous passer sous le nez! Bienvenue chez Les Gourmands Bakery. Pas le profil type du…. Comme en France, la Seconde guerre mondiale est un traumatisme et…. On passe des…. Nous gagnons…. Plus de…. Des points…. Visa Premier ou Mastercard? Banque classique ou banque en ligne?

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Jean De Lery, Histoire d'un voyage faict en la terre du Brésil - Persée

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Accueil A propos de Normands voyageurs Contact. Carnet de voyage. Read more. He's here, he claims, to set the record straight, but I'm not sure I believe him. Reliving the 'real' robbery, his language - 'Anyone touch the alarms and I'll blow you brains out' - has the timbre of 'You talkin' to me? This, though, is what makes Huyghe's work sing.

He gives Wojtowicz the opportunity to reappropriate his past, and in a sense he does, transforming it into a fresh fiction, a third - perfect - memory.

Numéros en texte intégral

What if there were no self to mediate, or if the self were made up of nothing more than its own mediation? In Huyghe and Philippe Parreno purchased the copyright to Annlee, a production-line manga character with saucer-shaped eyes and choppy purple hair. Soon they began to loan her image out to other artists, inviting them to vivify her half-life, to help establish who she might be. There she was 'liberated' by Huyghe and Parreno, by means of a legal agreement that gave her ownership of her own image.

Annlee is a well-known project, but its concerns pulse through Huyghe's work like an underground stream, emerging now and then in unexpected locations. Its most obvious precursor is Huyghe and Parreno's publication Anna Sanders Beneath the masthead there's a message to the reader: 'Anna Sanders is not the person you can catch a glimpse of on the cover.

You will not see any pictures of her, but nevertheless she is always present - in the choice of articles and pictures and in the graphic design. Anna Sanders is a patchwork, featuring wobbly photos, a satire on Star Wars and the score of a tune to hum at the wheel. It's hard to get a grip on the girl it points to, although I have a vague feeling she'd be a good travelling companion and that she'd tell you a lot about her childhood.

She seems, if anything, more like a place than a person, somewhere to move through, to daydream in, to wander around at will. Anna also appears in Huyghe and Parreno's L'Histoire d'un sentiment The Story of a Feeling, , a sort of deliberately unfilmed film script. The text concludes with a 'what if' scenario, in which a group of people gather in a room to build a holographic image together, using only their minds.


At first the image is a mess of misrememberings, then it becomes monstrous, and then it becomes, if not totally true, then a world away from the kind of small, private truths that kill thinking dead. The seats are arranged in a circle, looking at the centre. It's a tool with which to think about Huyghe's work, with its remade memories, its temporal secret pockets, its gaggle of ghosts. Most importantly, though, it suggests a new way of looking, and that's what all art, at its best, should do.

Perhaps Anna's third manifestation should come as no surprise: the production company Huyghe and Parreno established with the director Charles de Meaux is named, of course, after her - Anna Sanders Films. When I saw the show at the Bregenz Kunsthaus, Austria, there was long damp patch on the first floor where a ship, sculpted out of ice, had recently stood. Apertures opened in the ceiling, heavy with weather. Rain splattered, fog fumed and the falling snow formed itself into two conical hillocks, as though the ice-ship had dropped anchor in some marvellous mountain-fringed port where, its journey done, it had melted into its destination.

Nearby a tiny wallchart detailed the weather conditions encountered in Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym , a nautical tale so fraught with ellipses that its narrator, despite his death at sea, approaches the worried Poe on the opening page.

Both Charles Baudelaire and Jules Verne engaged with Pym, Baudelaire by writing a translation and Verne by writing a sequel - an example, perhaps, of what Huyghe calls 'circular viewing'. The third floor, though, was where the show was really at. On the wall there was an exhibition poster spotted with penguins a wonderfully absurd symbol of otherness and scarred, like an ice rink, with lopsided figure eights.

These shapes were re-incised on a real rink, as glossy as a new tombstone, by a weirdly gorgeous skater. On the rink's lacquered lip there was a tiny hardback detailing Huyghe's 'initial thoughts for a musical and a collective expedition' - a proxy catalogue. But if this room was a meta-gallery, it was also, like the rest of the show, a landscape. Huyghe has defined the art exhibition as 'something you cross, where you suspend your conclusions'. Thinking about Huyghe's work - with its lack of borders, its sudden, overwhelming beauty - I can imagine no better advice.

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Au cœur de l'Histoire : le voyage en France de Benjamin Franklin (Récit intégral)

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