Der politische Einfluss von Rating-Agenturen (German Edition)

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  1. The independence of rating agencies
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The independence of rating agencies

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The agencies usually rely on the given information by the corporation, of course this brings up some conflicts of interest which we will discuss later this is what also happened during the Enron scandal 8. In the Rating Agencies changed their payment system, before the Investors had to buy information about a certain firm, nowadays the issuers of bonds are responsible for the payment, because they have a big interest in an evaluation of their bonds, which is access to money. Even if rating agencies have in the public a bad reputation, they are still very important for the market.

Rating Agencies help to resolve the information Asymmetry.


They satisfy needs of different market actors, they provide investors acess to information, so they don't need to spend a lot of time in evaluating the risk and the Agencies provide better information, because they have access to insider information. Insiders always outsmart outsiders. Without rating agencies the Investors would only have only access to public information. So for them it is an advantage. The bond issuers gain also from Rating Agencies, because they get access to funds.

Without the agencies the Issuers would have a harder time to raise money, because they would have to find other ways to convince investors. By resolving this Information asymmetry the Rating Agencies play an important role in the free market economy, they bring the economy closer to a perfect market, where everybody knows everything.

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Second they provide means of comparison this means the agencies help that it is easier to compare different firms or states with each other, this goes hand in hand with the fact that they provide a common standard or language. Another reason why they exist is the supervisory role, which I will explain later more in detail. In the game of the economy the rating agencies bring not only advantages to the market, there also exist some serious conflicts between different parties and the interest of the rating agencies.

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In this section I am going to demonstrate the different conflicts which appear. CRAs, because public regulators lacked essential analytical resources to cope with financial market uncertainty. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page.

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