Bewusstsein und Willensfreiheit. Wolf Singers Determinismus (German Edition)

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January [T]he left hemisphere gives narrow, sharply focused attention to detail. November The right hemisphere gives sustained, broad, open, vigilance, alertness. November [The left hemisphere] is dependent on denotative language and abstraction, yields clarity and power to manipulate things that are known, fixed, static, isolated, de-contextualised, explicit, disembodied, general in nature but ultimately lifeless. November [The right hemisphere] yields a world of individual, changing, evolving, interconnected, implicit, incarnate, living beings within the context of the lived world.

And the things is never fully graspable, never perfectly known as we think. And this world exists in a certain relationship, rather than just an objective starts.

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October , November , paperback issue , 6. As his people flourished and grew in number, the bounds of this small domain spread; and with it the need to trust implicitly the emissaries he sent to ensure the safety of its ever more distant parts. It was not just that it was impossible for him personally to order all that needed to be dealt with: as he wisely saw, he needed to keep his distance from, and remain ignorant of, such concerns.

And so he nurtured and trained carefully his emissaries, in order that they could be trusted. Eventually, however, his cleverest and most ambitious vizier, the one he most trusted to do his work, began to see himself as the master, and used his position to advance his own wealth and influence. And so it came about that the master was usurped, the people were duped, the domain became a tyranny; and eventually it collapsed in ruins. The subsequent battles between them are recorded in the history of philosophy, and played out in the seismic shifts that characterise the history of Western culture.

Meanwhile the Master, the one whose wisdom gave the people peace and security, is led away in chains. The Master is betrayed by his emissary. The right hemisphere is far more sophisticated at making judgments, much more reliable. The left hemisphere, which tends to jump to conclusions, is open to bias. And in terms of emotion the left hemisphere is far from devoid of emotion. The most lateralized of all emotions is anger , and it lateralizes to the left hemisphere. When people are experiencing anger there is a great increase in activity in the left hemisphere.

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The left hemisphere is bright enough, but not very bright. It doesn't really see that there are things that it doesn't know.

Die Willensfreiheit - ein Irrtum?

It's so hermetic. Its world is so self-contained and consistent and self-referential that it doesn't feel the need of anything else because it's not sensing that there's something bigger. The right hemisphere sees what is implicit, what is going on not in the foreground but in the in the background, in the context. Video interview with Iain McGilchrist, M. They're intuited.

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You have to start from axioms. Reason is based in the intuition and it ends in intuition. Rationality begins with intuition in two ways.

DETERMINISMUS - Definition and synonyms of Determinismus in the German dictionary

We can't rationally prove why reason is a helpful tool. We intuit it that it is a useful tool. When we begin reasoning we have to begin from quite a host of assumptions. Science officially claims to make no assumptions. In fact, it makes quite a few assumptions before it gets started. It has to. That's not a criticism. The system can't work without somewhere to start, because nothing can be supported on nothing. It has to be on something before it can get started.

And reason also ends in intuition, because the results of reasoning have to be reintegrated into a broader picture. So it's an intermediary tool. Reason and indeed the left hemisphere is an intermediary tool. December All the ancient traditions, to their credit, recognize the aspect of consciousness. Never forget that you are also a subject and that makes you a conscious being in the sense that we understand consciousness.

Video statement at speakers' panel by Amit Goswami, Ph. Video presentation by Leonard Shlain, M. The net social and cultural effect of these types of [Yahwist] revelation religions is that they introduce a split, a schism, a division in the social space. With each of these three systems you're dealing with universal truth claims. Audio interview with Joseph P. Farrell, Ph.

July Vimeo video presentation by Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem. October , minute , minutes duration, posted And I think that happens social justice movements, too.

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  • So perhaps we can begin to see the ways that we are, in fact; not ranked but linked. Yes, we've been through dependence. Yes, we've been through independence. But now we can hope for interdependence. Video presentation by Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem. September , YouTube film, minute and , minutes duration, posted Addictiveness [of i. Internet pornography] is not a metaphor. All addiction involves long-term, sometimes lifelong, neuroplastic change in the brain.

    Norman Doidge, M. The Internet has made pornography the crack cocaine of visual addictions. It harms their relationships, it harms the ability to form emotion, to think, to feel. Numerous studies have shown this. But still, people in denial can act out in pornography thinking it won't hurt them.

    It will. Video presentation by Donald L. Hilton Jr. These "natural drugs" produce a tremendous rush or high. When these chemicals are released during healthy marital intimacy we refer to them as "the fabulous four" because of the myriad positive benefits they generate between husband and wife. When they are released during pornography use and other sexual addiction behaviors, we call them "the fearsome four" due to the severe addiction and many negative consequences they produce in the brain and nervous system. Electroencephalography — Five varied brain wave patterns Brain wave pattern Frequency range Hertz Brain image Brainev.

    Reptilian brain Unconscious Delta 0. Limbic system Subconscious Theta Prefrontal cortex Superconscious Alpha The enteric nervous system plays a major role in digestion, and in the production and output of the various hormones that are crucial to our emotional and physical wellbeing.

    Reptilian brain This brain orchestrates breathing, heartbeat, swallowing, visual tracking, and the startle response. Although reptiles are said to not be able to experience emotion, all of these body functions as just listed to significantly affect the emotions of human beings. Shallow breathing, darting eyes, and an increase in heart rate will very definitely lead to a feeling of fear or anxiety. Mammalian brain or limbic brain This brain appeared after millions of years of evolution, and led to animals having emotions, and to suckling and rearing of young by their mothers.

    The limbic brain melds the circuitry of the enteric nervous system and the reptilian brain into our sense of emotion. Emotions were felt and acted upon long before the ability of animals to reason. Indeed, emotion comes prior to thought , and that is exactly where most people run into great difficulty. Human emotional experience is an immediate and primal response that has very little if anything to do with our ability to reason. Neocortex In its most highly developed form, the neocortex a singular gift avails the ability to reason, deal in abstractions, communicate verbally, and be goal oriented.

    The neocortex has little if any true understanding of emotions. Prefrontal cortex Description by en. References : en. He found you can startle a Buddhist monk, and he won't show the startle response , and that was unimaginable.

    The startle response is more like a reflex — it goes into the brain stem. But with the monks, he reported, there was no facial response, no heart-rate response. Dacher Keltner, Ph. It is meant to change. Richard Davidson, Ph. June Brains require a lot of energy to build and maintain.